Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Tiny Hiatus & End of an Era

This one's a bit sad and personal, but considering how much I've loved doing this blog so far, I feel like I should address what would otherwise be the elephant in the room for the entries to come.

The best way to save space in a tiny apartment for two? Make it a tiny apartment for one.

I will sadly no longer be sharing this apartment, and will be transitioning to a new phase of my life in the coming months. I won't be able to stay here for too much longer and will be on the lookout for a new hole-in-the-wall to call my home. Entries will still be posted, items will still be replaced, cupboards will still be organized, but they will surely be optimized so that they will apply in whatever new place I find on my own. They will be less frequent, to accommodate any foreseeable existential crises, but I will be doing my best to keep up in the meantime. I just hope that I will still be able to maintain this hobby because it has been really enjoyable reading everyone's tiny living stories and tips of their own. Keep 'em coming.

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for your understanding.

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