Saturday, June 7, 2014

Quick Project: DIY Instagram Photo Wall

I have two areas in my apartment for personal photos; one is for photos taken with a proper camera and the other is for Instagram photos. I have a lot of Instagram photos that I love because so often, they were never planned. My cell phone is what I pull out to take a photo of a moment I didn't expect, and that's what makes these so important to me. Even if it's just a photo of some fruit or even myself, I remember how I felt at that moment and what made it important. The photo of my college campus was taken on my last ever day; my parents' bathtub looks pretty insignificant, but it reminds me how relaxed I am when I visit; the snapshot of "307" was the day I moved out of my old apartment. Some of them are just visually interesting to me, but most of them hold a special meaning for me, so I really wanted to have some copies on display.

This took really no time; the thing that took the longest was choosing my photos. I went to Printstagram (or Social Print Studio, as they also like to be called), where a set of 24 4x4" prints is only $12 plus shipping. I couldn't decide, so I ordered 3 sets. Ordered late at night on the Monday, shipped Wednesday, arrived Friday morning. Really impressed with the arrival time, even more impressed with the quality of the prints.

Anyway, there are many ways this could be done, but I decided to go old fashioned with some twine and clothespins. You could use full-size clothespins but I thought they would look too big for such small photos, so I went on a hunt for miniature clothespins. I thought this would be easier. I'll skip how I went to a bunch of craft and stationary stores and tell you that these can be found in the stationary department of Wal-Mart with the paper clips. Not Target, Wal-Mart. You're welcome.

I'd recommend going with nails, but I went with pushpins because this particular wall is cement and likely wouldn't hold a nail.

Things You'll Need:
  • Photos
  • Nails or Pushpins
  • String (some more creative DIYs also use Christmas lights)
  • Hammer
  • Clothespins or other clips
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape (optional)
I don't even think I need to go into how it's done. Hammer in a pushpin, tie string to line up the next pushpin and make sure it's straight, tie off the string once that's hammered in. Continue for however many strings you need, possibly measuring between the strings to make sure they're evenly spaced (mine were not but that's sort of what I wanted). I don't recommend cutting the ends off the string until you're completely done (photos hung and all) just in case some end up being too loose. The tightness of the strings is up to you, but I found it rather tricky to get any of them particularly taut.

Easy peasy. Takes maybe half an hour and it can be done even in dorm rooms since it's just a couple tacks in a wall. Enjoy!

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